Cicero Town News

Town President Larry Dominick and the Town of Cicero Board of Trustees are proud to provide a monthly magazine that includes information on all of the services and programs that are available to residents.

Cicero Town News is published in both English and Spanish and is mailed at the beginning of each month to every resident’s address. The magazine is delivered directly to your home by a team of volunteers committed to informing the town of our community. This is because of the continual delays Cicero and other cities have suffered from the US Postal Service.

Each magazine includes updates on new programs, services and announcements of upcoming community events. It also includes news and features on past events.

Because of delays in Post Office delivery, the town is proud to additionally offer the magazine each month in PDF format so you can read it online. You can also SUBSCRIBE to the eNewsletter and receive it by email each month by clicking this link:

The Town of Cicero is launching a new eNewsletter which will showcase events and stories supplementing the print newsletter. Cicero residents are urged to complete the signup form in order to receive the eNewsletter each month, and also special eNewsletter alerts during the month.

Here is the link:

El Pueblo de Cicero está lanzando un nuevo boletín electrónico que mostrará eventos e historias que reemplazarán al boletín impreso. La pedimos a los residentes de Cicero que completen el formulario de registro para recibir el boletín electrónico cada mes, y también alertas especiales del boletín electrónico durante el mes.

Aqui esta el link:




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