To help better serve you we have broken down the most active areas of our Town’s information into the following departments. Also, CLICK HERE to view our list of Department heads:


  • Code Enforcement

    Administrative Hearings

  • animal-welfare

    Animal Welfare

  • Assessor's Office

    Assessor’s Office

  • Building Department

    Building Department

  • Business Licenses

    Business Licenses

  • Citizenship


  • Clerk's Office

    Clerk’s Office

  • Collector's Office

    Collector’s Office

  • Community Mental Health Board

    Community Mental Health Board

  • EMS Division

    EMS Division

  • Finance


  • Fire Department

    Fire Department

  • Gang Crimes Unit

    Gang Crimes Unit

  • Health Department

    Health Department

  • Housing Department

    Housing Department

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

  • Inspector General

    Inspector General

  • Office of Professional Standards

    Office of Professional Standards

  • Legal Department

    Legal Department

  • Liquor Commission

    Liquor Commission

  • Military Families of Cicero United

    Military Families of Cicero United

  • People with Disabilities

    People with Disabilities

  • Police Department

    Police Department

  • Gang Crimes Unit

    Police & Fire Commission

  • Project Management & Development

    Project Management & Development

  • Public Works

    Public Works

  • Rodent Prevention & Control

    Rodent Prevention & Control

  • Senior Activities

    Senior Center: Activities & Services

  • Special Events

    Special Events

  • water-department

    Water Department

  • Youth Commission

    Youth Commission