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Housing Rehabilitation Program Questions
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Subrecipient Information & Technical Assistance
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The United States Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program provides annual grants on a formula basis to states, cities, and counties to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment, and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons.

Cicero is a formula grantee of this program, and to qualify for funding, the Town must develop a Five-Year Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan for each year of the Consolidated Plan. The Town is also required to assess and report on the progress of the planned activities through the Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report (CAPER)

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New Important Notices: March 14, 2024

Notice of Funding Availability (See Links Below for Applications)

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application   Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Application

Announcement from Town President Larry Dominick: Town of Cicero selected as a community to administer the Illinois Housing Assistance Fund for Cicero Homeowners

Click Here to View: Public Notice: NOTICE OF FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT AND NOTICE OF INTENT TO REQUEST RELEASE OF FUNDS and Environmental Assessment Determinations and Compliance Findings for HUD-Assisted Projects 24 CFR Part 58

Haga clic aquí para ver: Información sobre una encuesta comunitaria para brindar comentarios sobre la vivienda


Focus Group – Homelessness
Homeless Participation Questionnaire

Click here to view: “Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds from HUD”
Click here to view: “Environmental Review Record of  Town of Cicero Emergency Assistance Program”
Click here to view: “Public Notice – Amendment to Annual Action Plan for CDBG-CV Funds”
Click here to view: “Public Notice – Amendment to Annual Action Plan for ESG-CV Funds”
Click here to view: Public Notice – Amendment to Annual Action Plan for PY2020 ESG Funds”

Five-Year Consolidated Plan

The Consolidated Plan is designed to help states and local jurisdictions to assess their affordable housing and community development needs and market conditions, and to make data-driven, place-based investment decisions. The consolidated planning process serves as the framework for a community-wide dialogue to identify housing and community development priorities that align and focus funding from the CPD formula block grant programs (CDBG, ESG, etc.)  The goals of the Consolidated Plan are to provide decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanded economic opportunities to benefit low and moderate-income residents.

The Consolidated Plan is a comprehensive 5-year planning document that identifies the overall housing and community development needs of the town, outlines available programs and resources, and establishes a strategy for prioritizing and addressing these needs.

The Town adopted the 2020-2024 CDBG Five Year Consolidated Plan in July 2020.

2020-2024 Consolidated Plan

2010-2014 Consolidated Plan

2015-2019 Consolidated Plan

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Annual Action Plans

The Annual Action Plan is a list of programs, projects, or activities that the town plans to accomplish over the next program year. Approved projects must be in line with the approved Five-Year Consolidated Plan.   You can view the current and previous Annual Action Plans by clicking the links below:

2023 Annual Action Plan


2022 Annual Action Plan

2021 Annual Action Plan

2019 Annual Action Plan

2018 Annual Action Plan

2017 Annual Action Plan

2016 Annual Action Plan

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Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report (CAPER)

The Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) is a required annual report by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The CAPER is comprised of statistical and financial statements, narratives, and maps describing activities carried out during the program year.  It is a document used to assess the performance of proposed activities to actual accomplishments.

2022 CAPER               2021 CAPER

2020 CAPER               2019 CAPER

2018 CAPER               2017 CAPER

2016 CAPER

2015 CAPER

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Town of Cicero CDBG Management Schedule

CDBG Management Annual Schedule
Program Year Start Date and Orientation Public Hearing on CAPER Caper due to HUD 1st Quarter Status Reports Due Program Year Applications made available 2nd Quarter Status Reports Due
October 1st December January 1st January 15th March 1st April 15th
Program Year Applications Deadline Annual Action Plan Published for Public Comment 3rd Quarter Status Reports Due Public Hearing on Action Plan Annual Action Plan Due to HUD 4th Quarter/Annual Status Reports Due
April 30th June 15th July 15th July 15th August 15th October 15th

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Citizen Participation Plan

The Town has prepared a Citizen Participation Plan, which outlines the policies and procedures for citizen participation with respect to The Town’s CDBG-related plans. The Citizen Participation Plan includes information on outreach, amendments to the plans, public hearings, and availability of plans to the public.

Citizen Participation Plan

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Public Services/Public Facilities

The Town allocates 15% of the CDBG allocation towards public service programs that assist low- and moderate-income residents. The Town is currently assisting the following public service agencies:

There is no set cap of funds for Public Facility Projects, but there are budget constraints outlined in both the Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan.

Funding applications for eligible public service agencies and Public Facility Projects are typically available in February of each year. If you are interested in receiving an application, please contact Argelia Marquez at amarquez@thetownofcicero.com or call 708-656-8223.

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Residential Rehabilitation Programs

The Town of Cicero Department of Housing is updating all its Housing Rehabilitation Programs.  As information becomes available, it will be posted here.  The Town of Cicero Department of Housing currently offers the following to home-owner occupied residential units:

  • Emergency Access Grant for People with Disabilities
  • Emergency Assistance Program
  • Home Repair Program
  • Lead Hazard Reduction

The Town of Cicero is currently exploring options to expanding the Residential Rehabilitation Program to include the following:

  • Expanded Home Repair Program
  • Weatherization Program
  • Energy Efficiency Program

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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HUD Income Limits

To Qualify for CDBG assistance, your household must be within the following income guidelines.  If you are above these guidelines, you will not qualify for the program.

Household Size Income Limit
1 Person $61,800
2 Person $70,600
3 Person $79,450
4 Person $88,250
5 Person $95,350
6 Person $102,400
7 Person $109,450
8 Person $116,500

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Eligible Projects

Program Common Projects Conditions
Emergency Assistance Program


Up to $4,999.00

Roof Repair/Replacement  Single Family/2 unit

Owner Occupied Only


Applicant can participate once

Every three (3) years.

HVAC Repair/Replacement
Electrical Hazard Repairs/Plumbing
Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Program


Up to $4,999.00

Air Sealing Single Family/2 unit

Owner Occupied Only


Minimum $1,999.00 must

Be allocated to Energy Efficiency


Maximum $3,000.00 can be

Allocated to Weatherization


Applicant can participate once.

Attic and Wall insulation
Door and Window Replacement
HVAC Replacement
Water Heater Replacement
Exterior Insulation and Siding
Electric base load reduction
Roof Replacement and Ice/Water shield
Sewer Check Valve installation*
Emergency Access Grant for People with Disabilities


Up to $24,999.00

Chair Lift/Ramp Installation Single Family/2 unit

Owner Occupied Only


Repair/Replacement of Porches and Exterior Stairs
Accessibility improvements to interior/exterior.
Home Repair Program


Up to $4,999.00

Front Porch/Steps Single Family/2 unit

Owner Occupied Only


Single Family/2 unit

Owner Occupied Only


Applicant can participate once

Every three (3) years.

Window Replacements/LEAD Hazard Reduction
General Interior Rehabilitation (Kitchen cabinets/flooring/bathroom)
Roofing/gutters & downspouts
Home Improvement Program


Up to $24,999.00

Code Violation Correction and Substantial Renovations Single Family/2 unit

Owner Occupied Only


Lien recorded against property

For 5 years – released if owner

Maintains residency for 5 years.


Applicant can participate once, and

Ineligible for other programs.


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How Do I Apply?

Please contact Martha Garcia at mgarcia1@thetownofcicero.com  or at 708-656-8223.

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Emergency Solutions Grant

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) renames the Emergency Shelter Grant and broadens existing emergency shelter and homelessness prevention activities and adds short and medium-term rental assistance and services to rapidly re-house homeless people. This program places a greater focus on homelessness prevention for persons at risk of homelessness and rapid re-housing assistance for homeless persons.

The intent of ESG is to continue the grant funding for the Emergency Shelter Grant and to implement the expanded program that was temporarily funded as the Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-Housing program whose mission was to provide homelessness prevention assistance to households who would otherwise become homeless— many due to the economic crisis—and to provide assistance to rapidly re-house persons who are homeless.

Program components include (§ 576.100):

  • Street Outreach
  • Emergency Shelter (including supportive services)
  • Homeless Prevention
  • Rapid Re-Housing
  • HMIS Component
  • Administrative Costs

For more information, please contact Jose at jalanis@thetownofcicero.com


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Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

The NSP Program is no longer offered by the Town of Cicero.

Quarterly Status Reports

PY 2018                                             PY2017                                              PY2016

QTR 1                                               QTR 1                                              QTR 1

QTR 2                                               QTR 2

QTR 3                                               QTR 3

QTR 4                                             QTR 4


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CDBG General Information

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program

Guide to National Objectives and Eligible Activities

Income Limits

HUD Requirements for Grantees

Regulations on Consolidated Plan

Provisions for Local Action Plan Submission

Environmental Review Requirements and Procedures

Federal and HUD Regulations

Title 24 in its Entirety

2 CFR Part 200

Subrecipient Training

Training Subrecipients and Subrecipient Oversight

Subrecipient Timeliness

Performance Measurement

Playing by the Rules – Subrecipient Training Handbook

CDBG Eligibility

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