Cicero honors the Clergy Committee at special brunch

Brunch for the Clergy Committee

Cicero honors the Clergy Committee at special brunch

The Cicero Clergy Committee was invited to a Thanksgiving Brunch hosted by Town President Larry Dominick and the Board of Trustees on Monday, November 20th at 9am. President Larry Dominick joined by his wife, First Lady Diana Dominick, and the Town Board welcomed members of the Town’s Clergy Committee at Mr. Stacks, located at 3064 S Cicero Ave. The morning was full of giving thanks and prayers.

 “Thank you everyone for coming. I’m glad to see so many happy faces and a lot of religion in this building. I have one question: ‘How great is our God?’ He’s the greatest. He put us all together today. God Bless everyone. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Take care and keep praying,” said Town President Dominick.

Cicero Clergy Committee Members present at the brunch were able to introduce themselves:

Henry Cruz, Vida Abundante Church – 1819 S. 54th Ave – 708.863.6305

Brunch for the Clergy Committee


Joanne Monte, Expresion de Gloria Music Ministry & First Christian Church of Chicago

Valesca Jara, Salvation Army – 2337 S. Laramie Ave – 708.222.0177

Heriberto Jara, Salvation Army – 2337 S. Laramie Ave – 708.222.0177

Jose Guzman, El Shaddai – 1421 S. Laramie Ave – 708.222.2200

Rene Lopez, Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal – 1410 S 50th Ave – 708.656.8336

Edwin Melendez, Culture City Church – 2525 S Austin Blvd. – 708.683.6403

Al Hernandez, Arc Ministries – 5036 W 26th St. – 708.200.9037

Oscar Rosales, New Vision Community Church Casa de Oracion – 1443 S. 50th Ave. – 708.513.2922

Israel Hernandez, Good Shepherd Church – 5930 W 28th St. – 773.547.4498

Nancy Rivera, St. Francis of Rome Parish – 1428 S 59th Ct. – 708.652.2140

Benjamin Villalopos Jr., St. Mary Francis of Five Wounds

Jose Muniz, Clement Presbyterian Church – 1447 S 50th Ct. – 708.780.7909

Philip Mason, Planning and Preparedness Manager Cook County Department of Emergency Management and Regional Security – Community Resilience

Cesar Bautista, 316 Church – 6011 W 36th St. – 708.616.4516

Yuri Anleu, Word of Faith Christian Community – 5105 W Roosevelt Rd. – 708-692-4818

Dan Carroll, Fifty-Eight Ave. Baptist Church – 2228 S 58th Ave. – 708.656.8737

Yolanda Walter, Lifeline Church – 1321 S Austin Blvd. – 708.477.6260

David Filimon, Church on Fire International – 4836 W 13th St. – 630.674.7383

During the brunch Town Chaplain Ismael Vargas asked the Clergy members to please see who was sitting near them and go and pray for them.

President Dominick, Town Officials and Department Heads were surrounded by prayers before enjoying their food.