Happy New Year!

Dear Cicero residents, Goodbye 2019. It has been an incredible year for Cicero, with many fantastic programs, beautiful events, and accomplishments for many of our residents. I look back at the last decade and I am amazed at how much we’ve done.  Violent crimes have dropped to record lows, our schools continue to improve with graduates heading to colleges and universities all across the country, and we’ve offered more programs and services for our senior [Learn More]

Welcome to Christmas in Cicero!

Dear Cicero residents, Welcome to another Christmas season in Cicero! Last month I talked about Christmas in the Park because it falls so early in the month, which means I have more time to talk about the other holiday events in Cicero. This includes one of my favorite holiday traditions: the Senior Christmas Party. Every year, senior residents come to the Community Center for some festive cheer, good food, and live entertainment. I like seeing [Learn More]

Happy Halloween!

Dear Cicero residents, It’s Houby time in Cicero! The 51st Annual Houby Fest is this weekend, and I cannot be more excited. I am always looking forward to when we gather as a town like we did last month for Mexican Independence Day, There is something to be said about Houby that makes it unique. Unlike the other festivals, like American Fest and Cinco de Mayo, this one is uniquely ours. No other community in [Learn More]

Larry’s Column: Welcome to Autumn!

Dear Cicero residents, Welcome to autumn! It’s a busy time of year for Cicero with school starting back up, festivals drawing in visitors, and programs returning to the town. We had a wonderful time in August, getting kids ready to go back to school. Between the Back to School event at Unity Junior High, the Back to School Brigade for our military families, and the Back to School week with Summer in the Park, it [Learn More]

Summertime in Cicero

Dear Cicero residents, It’s hard to believe we are near the midpoint of the year. Things have been so busy for the town that time really flew by. But it has been a good start to the year, with a lot of grand events in the town, including our recent Cinco de Mayo festival. So many of you gathered to celebrate the rich Mexican heritage that has left its mark on Cicero, as well as [Learn More]

Starting The Warm Weather Right

Dear Cicero residents, Easter came late this year and still we found snow falling the day after Easter in the Park! It never seems to fail that we have chilly weather for this event, but that didn’t stop many of you from coming out and enjoying the first outdoor event of the year.  Hopefully the snow has ended, which means it’s time to really get into the festival season. And there is really no bigger [Learn More]

Hopefully Spring Arrives Soon, Roadwork, and LED Savings for the Town

Dear Cicero residents, I hope March truly gives us spring because the past several weeks has given us most intense winter we’ve had in years! The snow, just like the record-breaking cold in January, has forced us to make adjustments to our daily lives, but thankfully we were able to press ahead with our great events like the Hearts & Shamrocks Dinner/Dance and the Father/Daughter Dance, both of which were tremendous successes this year. It [Learn More]

Happy New Year!

Dear Cicero residents, For some of us in Cicero, the decorations are put away and the presents are nestled in their new homes. But for many others, there is still plenty of Christmas fun to have! The Three Wise Kings celebration at Cicero Stadium always closes out the holiday season in our town and I hope you can make it out for this Twelfth Night event. Every Jan. 6, residents gather to celebrate the Epiphany, [Learn More]

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Cicero residents, We have finally arrived at the holiday season here in Cicero and I don’t know if I am more excited for the end of the year than ever before. Not because it’s been a hard year, though we have all experienced some hardships this year. Instead its because there are many wonderful activities we have in store for you this season. Just after the Thanksgiving holiday we will start with the annual [Learn More]

Mexican Independence Day and Back to School

Dear Cicero residents, I hope you have enjoyed summer here in Cicero! I know we packed so many events that it may feel like there is nothing left to do for the year. But that’s not the case. Instead, we are just getting started. This month holds one of the largest celebrations in all of the Chicago area – Mexican Independence Day. Running from Sept. 13-16, this festival will feature all of your favorite activities, [Learn More]

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