Miss Senorita Cicero Natalie Baeza runs for Miss Illinois

Miss Senorita Cicero with Cook County Commissioner Frank Aguilar and

Miss Senorita Cicero Natalie Baeza runs for Miss Illinois

A meet and greet fundraiser was held for Miss Cicero 2022-2023 Natalie Baeza. Baeza is the first Miss Cicero to ever compete in the Miss Illinois Pageant. The goal is to get Baeza to the 103rd Miss Illinois competition.

“I’m running for the Miss Illinois title because I feel like it’s a great opportunity for me. Sometimes you have to take risks in life when there’s new opportunities that open up for you,” said Miss Cicero Natalie Baeza.

“I also want to be an example for the new generation coming especially for little girls that come up to me and they’re like ‘I want to be like you someday’,” said Baeza.

“This is a big opportunity for Natalie Baeza,” said Cook County Commissioner Frank Aguilar. 


Miss Senorita Cicero with Cook County Commissioner Frank Aguilar and


Commissioner Aguilar co-founded the Miss Cicero pageant along with the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee. 


“This was always open with our pageant with the committee for the winner of the pageant to move on to Miss Illinois but none of them really considered it until Baeza,” stated Commissioner Aguilar. 

“This is tremendous because this is the first time Cicero is competing in a major pageant which has been around for over a hundred years and she’s the only Latina in the group. Most of the women that run for this pageant come from very wealthy families very affluent families,” stated Commissioner Aguilar. 

“Natalie comes from very humble beginnings. She’s a Cicero girl. Born and raised in Cicero. She went to grammar school here, high school and college here,” shared Commissioner Aguilar.

Aguilar is very proud of Baeza and considers her a role model for young ladies. 

“I am extremely happy because we actually selected a Queen that has a career in the area of health. We need nurses in the state of Illinois and especially in Cicero. Baeza is someone who went to school and is so beautiful with her personality,” said Town Trustee Blanca Vargas.

“I am very proud of Natalie for being the queen of the Town of Cicero. Thanks to our President Larry Dominick for allowing us to conduct the queen election allowing us to select someone who is going to represent all the women in Cicero,” stated Trustee Vargas. 

“She has everything it takes to be Miss Illinois if not Miss America,” said Commissioner Aguilar. 

Baeza will be competing for the Miss Illinois title in June in Marion, Illinois. For the competition Baeza will be doing a salsa dance. We wish Baeza the best of luck. If you would like to support Miss Cicero please visit her Facebook Page Miss Señorita Cicero or her Instagram Miss Cicero. You will be able to vote for her there. Baeza told us she will be updating us daily on her journey for the Miss Illinois title everyday on her social media pages.