Town Notice: Illinois Housing Assistance Fund for Cicero Homeowners

Announcement from Town President Larry Dominick:
Town of Cicero selected as a community to administer
the Illinois Housing Assistance Fund for Cicero Homeowners

Round 1 of open applications will be from 2/19/24 – 3/25/24

President Dominick is thankful for the hard work of Tom Tomschin, Executive Director of the Town of Cicero Department of Housing in partnering with Grants Administrator Jose Alvarez to apply for and secure these needed dollars for Cicero.  Mr. Tomschin has been working closely with CMAP, The Metropolitans Mayor’s Caucus, and the Illinois Housing Development Authority in completing a Homes for a Changing Region Housing Study.  This process has built relationships and highlighted challenges Cicero homeowners face, and strategies we can use to address these challenges.

The Illinois Homeowner Assistance Fund Home Repair Program (HAFHR) allows eligible homeowners the ability to address home maintenance needs that were delayed and exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible repairs will maintain the habitability of a home and prevent homeowner displacement.

The Town of Cicero plans on administering this program in phases/rounds.  Each phase/round will include open application times to receive applications, process applications, qualify homeowners, properties, and projects.  These phases/rounds will be based on funding availability and organizational capacity.  A waiting list will be in place to directly notify wait list owners of the next round of availability.  All projects must be approved by the Town of Cicero AND IHDA.

The Town of Cicero has identified several priority project types they would like to invest these funds in to prevent owner displacement:

  • Sewer Check Valve and Bypass Pump installation to prevent basement flooding,
  • Lead service line replacements, in homes with children under 6,
  • Roof, Gutter, and Soffit Replacements,
  • Handicap Accessibility Projects (chair lifts, walk in showers, etc),
  • Critical life and health safety violations, and
  • Code Upgrades

Owners can also request other types of work, but to be approved, the work must maintain the habitability of the home and prevent homeowner displacement.  Not all work requests will be approved.

Please note that funding and organizational capacity are limited.   Due to limited program funding, not all eligible households may receive funding.

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Contact Information          Loan Program Overview            Income and Home Value Limits

Program Application     Program Advertisement              Program Manual

Homes for a Changing – Region Housing Needs Study

Contact Information

IHDA does not directly fund homeowners or maintain a waitlist. If you are a homeowner looking for repair funds, contact the organization directly for qualification requirements.

Town of Cicero Department of Housing
1634 S. Laramie Ave.
Cicero, IL 60804

Email completed applications to:

Funds are made possible through Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF), which was established under section 3206 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (the ARP).

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions document for additional information.

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Loan Program Overview

  • Up to $60,000.00 in renovation assistance to correct the habitability of the home and prevent homeowner displacement,
  • No Payments, No interest,
  • Assistance for the home repair project is forgiven monthly over the three-year term (1/36th a month) until completely forgiven after year three,
  • The homeowner is required to maintain the home as their primary residence throughout the term,
  • If the home is sold before the affordability term ends, the unforgiven balance will be due out of net proceeds,
  • If the homeowner moves out and rents the property, the unforgiven amount is due to IHDA. There is no sale and therefore no net proceeds, so the entire unforgiven amount is due,
  • The Promissory Note and Recapture Agreement must be executed by the homeowner prior to starting any construction,
  • No cash-out refinancing is allowed during the three-year affordability period.

Eligible Homeowners

  • Certify to a financial hardship after January 21, 2020, related to Covid-19 pandemic
  • Income < 150% of AMI
  • Own and occupy property
  • Current on mortgage payments OR not have a mortgage payment
  • Homeowners who received HAF housing assistance are eligible to apply.

Eligible Properties

  • Single-family owner occupied (all owners must reside in property),
  • 2–4-unit residential building where owner lives in one unit (only common areas and owner-occupied units are eligible),
  • Condominium or cooperative units
  • All the above have deferred home repair projects in need of being completed.
  • All of the above must have current property insurance.
  • All of the above are NOT valued above limits set by Cook County.

Ineligible Properties

  • Properties with Reverse Mortgages
  • Investment properties
  • Properties with a home equity line of credit
  • Ownership in trust or under contract-for-deed
  • Properties used primarily for business (more than 50% of the floorspace is used for business)
  • Properties with delinquent property taxes or have other liens and judgements
  • Conflicts of interest between grantee and homeowner
    (Town of Cicero Employees are NOT eligible for this program)

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Income Limits

Chicago – Joliet – Naperville, IL HUD Metro FMR Area INCOME LIMITS
1 – Person 2 – Person 3 – Person 4 – Person 5 – Person 6 – Person 7 – Person 8 – Person 9 – Person 10 – Person
150% Area Median Family Income $115,850 $132,400 $148,950 $165,450 $178,700 $191,950 $205,200 $218,400 $231,750 $244,950

Home Value Limits

HOME and Housing Trust Fund Homeownership Price Limits – FY 2023
Existing Homes HOME/HTF Price Limit
State County Name Metropolitan/FMR Area Name 1-Unit 2-unit 3-unit 4-unit Unadjusted Median Value
Illinois Cook Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL HUD Metro FMR Area $290,000 $371,000 $449,000 $556,000 $305,000

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