Public Notice: Community Development Block Grant CARES Act Application

Town of Cicero
Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV)
Funds Proposal Overview


In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has allocated Community Development Block Grant CARES ACT (CDBG-CV) funding to the Town of Cicero.  The Town has budgeted funds to support COVID-related expenses incurred by public services providers to prevent, prepare for, and respond to COVID-19.  The CDBG-CV funds were authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT) announced last year.

Per the expedited amendment process approved by HUD, the Town amended its Citizen Participation Plan, 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan, and 2019 Annual Action Plan to enable use of the CDBG-CV funds.  The amended plans serve as the Town’s budget and formal application to HUD for the CDBG-CV funds.

After careful consideration of the CDBG-CV guidelines, the Town identified the following priority activities to meet the needs of the community with this application:

  • Shelter
  • Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Group Homes
  • Meals
  • Other Health and Human Services

The Town may consider funding other activities as long as they meet CDBG-CV eligibility requirements.

See the Quick Guide to CDBG Eligible Activities to Support Coronavirus and Other Infectious Disease Response and Guide to National Objectives and Eligible Activities for CDBG Entitlement Communities for more information on eligible activities.

Please note that HUD has removed the 15% cap on funding for increased public services in order to prevent, prepare for, and respond to COVID-19.

Application Materials

The application form on the pages that follow was developed to establish a uniform proposal for organizations requesting the Town of Cicero’s CDBG-CV funds.  Each question must be fully addressed and further details of an applicant’s operations may be attached.  If an applicant is requesting funding for more than one project, a separate grant proposal must be submitted for each program or service.

Application deadline: February 2, 2023 12:00 PM

  • Proposals will not be accepted after this date and time, and incomplete applications may be rejected.
  • Submit 1 copy of your application to, or

Town of Cicero – Department of Housing
Attn: Tom Tomschin – Executive Director
1634 S Laramie Avenue, Cicero, Illinois 60804

If you have any questions about program eligibility or the application form, please contact Tom Tomschin at or 708-656-8223.

Click Here for the Full CDBG-CV CARES Act Application