Updated: Request for Proposals: Elevator Maintenance – Answers to Questions

As per the RFP for Elevator Maintenance, Section III, the Town received the following questions prior to the February 6, 2020 deadline. The following are responses to questions received.

1. Are service calls billable at an hourly rate or to be included in the monthly price?

Service calls are to be included in the monthly price. Respond to service requests during normal business working days and hours, as defined in ‘Normal Business Working Days and Hours’, will be at no additional charge.

2. What are the normal business hours?

Normal Business Working Days and Hours for the Town are defined as Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (except scheduled holidays).

3. Are repairs and parts billable or are they to be included in the monthly price? If included what are the exceptions?

Repairs and parts are billable. Exceptions are set forth in 3b below.

3a.Full Coverage Parts Repair and Replacement

Provide full coverage parts repair and/or replacement for all components worn to normal wear, unless specifically excluded in “Non-Covered Components” herein.

3b.Non-Covered Components:

Non-Covered Components include cover refinishing, repairing or replacement of car enclosures, car wall and door panels, fans, gates, doors, hoistway enclosures, rails, rail alignment, door frames, sills, finished flooring, power feeders and switches to the controller and main line fuses, computer software, proprietary software and/or computer code embedded in elevator control systems (including, but not limited to, SIM / SD cards), car light diffusers, light tubes or bulbs, smoke and heat sensors, car panels, fixture face plates, applied braille plates, media displays, computer consoles or keyboards, fireman’s phones, card readers or other access control devices, smoke/fire alarms and detectors, sump pumps, telephone service or other communication devices, disposal of used oil, intercom or music devices, emergency power generators, hung ceilings, handrails, mirrors, carpets, wood platform sub flooring, tile, buried or underground wiring or piping (including, but not limited to, hydraulic jack cylinders and underground piping between the elevator hoistway and the machine room), piping from the cylinder head to the power unit, plunger packings on above-ground hydraulic cylinders, any latent defects the Contractor is not required to inspect for, escalator balustrades, escalator lighting or wedge guards, escalator skirt brushes, escalator steps, and any obsolete or discontinued parts (including, but not limited to, parts for which the original design is no longer manufactured by the OEM and/or components that can only be replaced by refabrication).

4. Are annual pressure tests to be included in the monthly price or billable?

Annual pressure tests are to be billed separately.

5. Are hourly rates on straight time and overtime to be submitted with the bid?

Yes, please submit hourly rates on straight time and overtime in the bid. All “after hours” service requests will be invoiced at standard overtime billing rates.


The original RFP for Elevator Maintenance can be found here.