Update from Town President Larry Dominick

Town President Larry Dominick

Dear Residents:                                                                              Para leer este artículo en español, haga clic aquí.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an alarming rise in reported cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) with no confirmed cases in Cicero, as of this letter.

Federal and State officials have ordered the closure of restaurants, schools, and cancellation of events to reduce the virus spread. Cicero adheres to all of the recommendations and is suspending all activities involving large groups of people within the Town. I have established an Emergency Services Disaster Committee that includes officials from the Police, Fire and Health Departments to monitor this crisis daily.

I have canceled ALL TOWN OF CICERO PUBLIC EVENTS until further notice. The Easter in the Park event, and Cinco de Mayo have been cancelled because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This also includes the Cicero Community Center, which is closed to the public. Community Watch meetings are canceled. Tai Chi and Yoga Classes are canceled. Administrative Hearings in the courtroom are canceled. The Cicero Library is closed. Check back here for updates.

The Town Administration Building, including Police and Fire, most departments such as the Clerk’s office, Collector’s Office, Assessor’s Office, Supervisor’s Office, Water Department, Public Works, Building Department, and others, will continue to provide services to the community.

The Health Department in the Community Center continues to offer services by appointment.


We have taken actions to allow the Government to continue to function and to provide day-to-day services to our residents. Town Hall will be open to provide essential business. Additionally, the Police and Fire Departments along with Town agencies such as Health, Water, Building, Public Works and others will continue to provide services and perform their duties, too.


The Cicero Senior Center is closed to the public and all activities and events have been canceled. Senior Services continues to offer services. We will continue to provide all response services including transportation for our seniors.


I am urging you to remain at home and take precautions to prevent this virus from spreading. There are many commonsense actions you can take to prevent Coronavirus infection:

  • Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent the Coronavirus. The CDC recommends individuals to avoid coming in contact with anyone who is ill. That means you should severely restrict and completely limit your contact with people outside of your family and home. Put distance between yourself and others.
  • If you develop a fever and symptoms, such as a hacking cough, difficulty breathing, and/or a high fever, call your healthcare provider for medical attention.
  • Wash your hands often using soap. Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw used tissues in the trash.
  • Disinfect and clean your home – countertops, all surfaces, doorknobs, the kitchen, bathrooms, family and living rooms, bedrooms and handles on your vehicles.
  • In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Restaurants and bars have been ordered closed by Gov. Pritzker, a potentially devastating economic impact on businesses and employees. They can remain open but not for in-business seating. You can order food for delivery or pickup.

The Emergency Services Disaster Committee will continue, under my supervision, to monitor this crisis and take actions as needed to preserve safety and health.

If you have questions, call Town Hall at 708-656-3600. Our operators can direct you to the proper agency.

Finally, be courteous. It is most important for us to work together for the benefit of the community. Check on your neighbors using your phone, email or social media, especially if they are seniors or are disabled.

Thank you and God Bless you all! Together, we can all get through this.

Town President Larry Dominick