Town Welcomes Three Kings at January Event

Cicero’s Christmas celebrations ended on Jan. 6 as residents filled Cicero Stadium for the annual Three Kings event. The annual event featured a number of local performers showcasing their talent for attendees, a reenactment of the visit of the wise men to the Christ Child, the Rosca, and free toys for every child at the event.

“While many Americans end their Christmas celebrations after Dec. 25, the Latin Community traditionally celebrates for twelve days, running up to Epiphany,” said Town Trustee Victor Garica. Epiphany is the Christian festival of when the wise men – Caspar, Balthazar, and Malchior – visited the Christ Child and reinforced his role as God made man.

“As much as gifts were delivered to the Christ Child by the kings, we want to make sure every kid receives their own gift, a small way to show our devotion to every child in the town,” Garcia said. “This is one of the many great events President Larry Dominick sponsors to show our children that their success is our success.”

The festival features the Rosca, a traditional bread served for Epiphany, with the lucky few finding a small doll of baby Jesus baked inside. According to tradition, whoever finds the doll becomes the host for the next celebration, Día de la Candelaria, or Candlemas, which is held on Feb. 2 and marks the end of Christmas-related events, with the remaining Christian holidays centered around Easter’s schedule.