Response to Questions for RFQ for Plan Review Specialist

The following are responses to questions received for the RFQ for Plan Review Specialist.

  1. For the Hard Card – would the Consultant be required to process these at Town Hall or can they be issued electronically?
    1. Town staff would process the Hard Card at Town Hall.  The Town is requesting for the 3rd Party to only provide the language that will appear on the hard card and we will add it.  There are 2 sections of the hard card:
      1. Construction Information – This is the scope of work summary.
      2. Inspector Notes – This is a section to leave specific information like calling for inspections, inspections needed, to keep plans on site, etc…
  2. For on-site inspections – is the objective to complete all inspections or supplement the current Town staff during peak periods?
    1. All fire alarm, sprinkler, hood, ansul, and alarm inspections
    2. Supplement Town staff on other inspections,
  3. For certain types of projects (complexity, size etc.) can a Pre-Submittal meeting be required?
    1. While it probably would not be required, the town could definitely recommend such a meeting.  The Town’s development staff meets twice a month already, so a pre-construction meeting could take place at this time very easily.
  4. On page 4, it indicates rough, final and pre-pour inspections on large projects and new construction.  Is the scope of services, limited to these types of projects?  Please clarify if it applies to residential, alterations, small additions, fences, decks, etc.
    1. Fences and decks would not be included for inspections.  Depending on staffing availability in house, we may need assistance on residential small additions.
  5. On page 4, it indicates scope of work should appear on the permit hard card.  Is there a sample available for this?
    1. The “hard card” is the document owners place in the front window or on the job site for new construction.  It is the actual permit.  It has 2 sections:
      1. Construction Information – This is the scope of work summary.
      2. Inspector Notes – This is a section to leave specific information like calling for inspections, inspections needed, to keep plans on site, etc…
  6. Is the request asking for a staff member to be assigned to work directly in the City Hall?  If so, are they assigned a desk and/or computer?
    1. No.
  7. On the top of page 5, the RFQ is requesting staff training to all department employees.  Is this one on one training or a classroom setting?
    1. Could be a classroom setting, or small groups.
  8. Same as in number 4, the same question for building inspectors?
    1. Same as number 4.
  9. Indicate the number of staff members and their titles/duties to confirm the number of individuals who may need training?
    1. Job Titles
      1. Building Inspector – up to 10
      2. Building Clerk – up to 15
      3. Building Cashier – up to 5
      4. Supervisor – 4
      5. Commissioner – 1
  10. One page 5, it references communicating with the applicant after the first submittal is processed.  I understand this is to mean communication with the applicant begins once the first plan review is completed and the applicant has received a copy.  Please confirm this understanding?
    1. The Building Department will receive the first submittal.  Once we process the application and send the digital submittal to the 3rd party reviewer, we would like any and all communication to flow through the applicant and 3rd party.
  11. What is the Town of Cicero’s process for receiving digital submittals?  Are they received on a flash drive or other electronic format?
    1. We currently accept emails, flash drives, CD’s
  12. Just for clarification, the RFQ is titled Plan Review Specialist.  Based on the information it appears this person will need to perform inspections or other staff members from our office. Is this correct?     
    1. This is correct.  The 3rd Party Plan Reviewer will also be expected to perform inspections based on the plans that were approved.
  13. Can you please provide department statistics including number and type of inspections and plan reviews performed over the past three years, broken out per year.
    1. The Town does not track permits based on the specific type of work.
  14. What is the estimated workload for the third party to conduct?  i.e. number and type of inspections and plan reviews.
    1. This question is difficult to answer, since it is dependent on the market.  Several years ago, the workload would be less due to the great recession.  However, currently, the Town is seeing increased development, and therefore the workload is high.
    2. The Building Department would estimate 50-100 reviews per year is possible.  Keep in mind that the Town considers Sprinkler and Ansul as 2 separate submittals.  So you could have 3 submittals at 1 address/project.
  15. What is the staffing expectation for this scope of services?  i.e. 1 plan reviewer full time, 2 inspectors full time.
    1. The town would expect the 3rd Party Plan Reviewer to appropriately staff their team to meet the needs of the position.
  16. Will any existing Cicero staff be performing any of these services?  If so, how many and what type?
    1. Building Inspectors will be performing inspections they are capable of.  The Deputy Building Commissioner also reviews small residential additions and some residential new construction.  Depending on scope, our team can also perform the review for small commercial tenant build outs – not including fire alarm, fire suppression, hood and ansul.