President’s Day/Lithuanian Independence Day Commemoration

Join Town President Larry Dominick and the Cicero Board of Trustees as they celebrate Presidents Day and Lithuanian Independence Day. The ceremony begins at 11am on Thursday, Feb. 11, at the Cicero Community Center.

Lithuanian Independence Day is to honor the Lithuanian struggle for independence from the Czarist Russian and Soviet Russian empires. Celebrated on Feb. 16, it recognizes the free republic off the Baltic Sea, where a number of Cicero residents originate.

presidents day 2016

Presidents Day recognizes the leadership and greatness of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Washington was the commander of the Continental Army in the colonies War of Independence against the United Kingdom in the 18th Century. He later presided over the Constitutional Convention and was elected our nation’s first president. Lincoln was America’s 16th president and fought to keep the country unified despite a bloody Civil War. As a result of his efforts, the tyranny of slavery was ended and the nation survived. Sadly, he did not as we was assassinated just days after the war’s end in 1865.