Morton College Unveils Plaque Honoring Cicero President

Town President Larry Dominick’s name was officially linked to the newly renovated Fitness Center. The plaque commemorating the dedication of the revised facilities were unveiled in November. Dominick attended the curtain call and watched Morton College Vice-Chair Anthony Martinucci open the drapes that masked the commitment.

“I am honored and humbled by Morton College’s board to grant me such recognition,” Dominick said. Along with seeing the plaque for the first time, the town president also received an official version of the resolution to name the fitness center after him.

“We have seen a lot of improvements in our community because of Larry Dominick’s leadership,” said Morton College Board Chairwoman Fran Reitz during the official announcement in September. “President Dominick has done so much for our seniors, children and students. The college decided to name its new fitness center in his honor for all that he has done.”

The plaque, found at the entrance to the facilities, states, “The Morton College Fitness Center is dedicated to Larry Dominick, Town President of Cicero, for his support and service to the Morton College Community.”

“You don’t do the work to get places named after you. You do it because you want to help others in the community. That’s why we do everything we can to help our kids succeed, from elementary school to college,” Dominick said.

The Morton College Larry Dominick Fitness Center is available at no cost to residents who live in Morton College District 527, which includes Cicero, Berwyn, Stickney, McCook, and Forest View.