Icicle Safety Tips

This winter’s heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures have created dramatic icicles and large sheets of ice on many rooftops. Now with temperatures growing warmer, icicles can fall on unsuspecting homeowners or pedestrians. While deaths from falling icicles are rare, they do happen.

While the best approach is to remain cautious, here are some additional safety tips and recommendations:

  • Do not stand under structures with icicles. The weight of icicles can cause gutters, awnings, and ornamental features to collapse and fall from the building.
  • Use a wooden pole that is long enough so that icicles may be knocked down without causing personal injury from standing beneath the icicles, or over extending your reach.
  • Tap the icicles. Do not hit them with extensive force. Hitting the icicle to hard may cause building damage to the area where the icicle has formed. If the icicle does not break loose, contact a professional contractor to perform the removal work.
  • Have large icicles removed by a contractor who will have the proper equipment to deal with the conditions.
  • Never climb onto a snow or ice-covered roof – you could slip.
  • Never place a ladder directly against a gutter covered with ice or icicles. The pressure of the ladder against the gutter may cause the ice or icicles to dislodge, falling on the person or property below.