Hopefully Spring Arrives Soon, Roadwork, and LED Savings for the Town

Dear Cicero residents,

I hope March truly gives us spring because the past several weeks has given us most intense winter we’ve had in years!

The snow, just like the record-breaking cold in January, has forced us to make adjustments to our daily lives, but thankfully we were able to press ahead with our great events like the Hearts & Shamrocks Dinner/Dance and the Father/Daughter Dance, both of which were tremendous successes this year.

It has meant, however, that we are still being cautious about possible bad weather in March. It isn’t unheard of to see snowfall, and we should be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us. That includes our plans to keep sidewalks and alleys clear of snow and ice, helping our neighbors who may struggle with keeping the pathways shoveled, and staying warm during the really cold months.


And speaking of snow and ice, I know there has been an increase in potholes and damaged roadways throughout the town. When the weather warms up enough, our crews will be going throughout the town filling the potholes we can repair. It’s a good service for smoother travel, but it will also go a long way in making sure our cars don’t need new tires, rims, or other expensive parts.


Normally this is the time when I talk about the various Easter activities coming up, but the holiday is in late April this year. Instead I will say that we plan to continue our favorite traditions for the springtime holiday, so be on the lookout in April’s Town News for details about what Cicero will have to offer to celebrate!


In 2012, Cicero received a federal grant to replace some street lamps with new LED lights. Then, last year, ComEd partnered with us to install more LED lamps along other roadways. There were a couple of reasons for the switch.

The first reason is that the lights are brighter and increases safety by reducing traffic accidents and making it harder for criminal activity to happen along some of our neighborhood roads.

The second reason was to reduce costs, with LED lights using less electricity and needing fewer replacements than traditional lamps. We have seen a reduction in costs by more than $140,000 in just one year. This is money we can put towards providing quality services without having to raise taxes.

It is just one of the many ways we have been working to hold the line on taxes, reduce the debts from our past, and continue to provide as many programs and services to our residents as possible.


Larry Dominick

Cicero Town President