Healthy Hearts The Focus In Cicero Health Department

Hearts were the topic of discussion on Feb. 17, but it had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.

The Cicero Health Department hosted its annual Healthy Heart Program at the Cicero Community Center, a day-long program focusing on people learning what makes them tick and how to keep the heart strong. Sponsored by Town President Larry Dominick and the Health Department, the program provides many screening services and medical information for Cicero residents to know what is working and what needs improvement to live a long, healthy life.

Sue Grazzini, Director of the Health Department, said this is one of the many services the town hosts to not only promote proper health education but let residents know that there are ways Cicero can help them stay on top of their personal care.

“We want to make sure everyone not only knows how to live a healthy life, but that the Town has excellent services to assist in maintaining that life,” Grazzini said. “It’s a wonderful event that I’m proud to host every year.”

Attendees at the Healthy Heart Program received free cholesterol and glucose screenings, blood pressure testing, BMI testing, blood oxygen testing, and much more.  Cicero residents were able to receive tips and heart-healthy recipes to help promote better health in our community.