Gang Crimes in Cicero Continue Their Downward Slide

Cicero Police officials reported that the number of shootings decreased significantly to only four incidents, down 50 percent from 2015.

Police Superintendent Jerry Chlada Jr., said the number of gang related homicides remained low and that incidents of gang related shootings had also declined. There was only one gang-related homicide and four shooting incidents last year.

“We have seen both gang related shootings and gang related homicides drop significantly since 2005 when President Larry Dominick took office,” Chlada said.

“Clearly, the street gang presence in Cicero has been reduced significantly. They are finding it harder and harder to operate in Cicero and we will continue to make it even tougher until those statistics reach and stay at zero homicides and zero shootings. We’re working to see the day when the gangs will be completely eradicated.”

President Dominick, who served 20 years as a Cicero police officer, retiring as deputy police chief, said that fighting street gangs has always been one of his top priorities.

“We have made it tougher and tougher for street gangs to operate in Cicero by stepping up police patrols, community awareness and by offering our young people alternative programs and activities that strengthen their character and give them experience they can use in pursuing careers later in life,” President Dominick said.

Dominick praised the efforts of the Cicero Police, Parent Patrol, which provide support for students going to and from school, and the local crossing guards.

“You can’t do it alone. It takes community involvement and community teamwork,” Dominick said. “I want to also thank the members of the Cicero Police Department for their work hard. They treat every investigation with the same level of high priority and professionalism.”