District 99 Unveils Renovated Warren Park School

After years of planning and construction, Cicero District 99 was able to welcome the new Warren Park School to its family of educational facilities.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, held on Aug. 24, saw leaders from the school district and the Town of Cicero praise the expanded building, which now serves grades pre-K through 6, up from pre-K through 3 previously.

“We built the new Warren Park as a response to the needs of student-centered classrooms while also providing parents and children with a school right in their neighborhood,” said District 99 School Board President Tom Tomschin.

The school has expaned to more than 30 classrooms and several rooms designed specifically for future STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming. Each classroom now has state-of-the-art technology for edcuational purposes as well as increased window exposure for both supervision and natrual light purposes. Included in the renovation was a new media center to engage students in educational and reading activities.

“The children of Cicero deserve the best education possible, and the new Warren Park school now gives access to the 21st century learning environment,” said Superintendent Rudy Hernandez.

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