District 99 Opens Doors to Sherlock Elementary

For many students, the first day of school represents a chance to meet new teachers and navigate the halls they left just a few months earlier.

But for the kids and families from Sherlock Elementary School, the first day on August 28 meant a ribbon-cutting ceremony for District 99’s newest addition. The innovative new building, located at 5347 W 22nd Place, will focus on providing new ways to learn that can impact a child’s academic capabilities.

The school’s focus is about promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, creating an environment that is all about exploring and expanding a child’s mind,” said Rudy Hernandez, District 99 superintendent.

Classrooms include interactive video walls and desks designed to transform into group learning settings with ease. There are also spaces built next door that feature alternative learning environments, fostering a desire to learn in new and creative ways.

“Sherlock students will have daily labs that focus on STEAM, with a student’s progress tracked more than you would expect at a traditional school. This will help us understand how the new environment is making a difference in their progress,” Hernandez said.

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