CYC Summer Camp Kicks Off To Exciting Start

IMG_0911Summer is in full swing throughout Cicero and that includes the Cicero Youth Commission’s annual Summer Camp, where education and recreation are combined for a safe and fun summer.

“Campers are greeted each morning with an enthusiastic staff, ready to experience a fun and exciting day with the kids,” said CYC Executive Director Wayne Porod. While the first week focused on team-building activities and ice breakers for kids to get to know each other, the rest of the program is focused on STEAM activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Themes include: Science, Olympics, Carnival, Wacky Fun and Hawaiian. Kids have been involved in team and individual sports including: swimming, ping-pong, whiffle ball, Olympic competition and pool tournaments. Participants also enjoyed board games, arts and crafts, movie viewing and weekly barbecues.

IMG_0825Campers recently enjoyed an Animal Awareness Presentation involving up-close and hands-on experiences with a variety of animals, including: a domesticated skunk, snake, chinchilla, African Tortoise, Fennec Fox, tarantula and a Kinkajou.

“Campers appeared mesmerized during the experience,” Porod said. “This knowledge base will heighten their understanding of the proper care and treatment of animals.”

In the weeks ahead, Seguin will present a “Let’s Grow Together” gardening class. This three-session experience will enhance the campers’ lives by providing a greater understanding of horticulture. Campers will learn about garden cultivation, including planting zones,germination, pollination and nutrition. They will also grow plants in mobile wooden planters for transportation ease.