CLEAN STREETS for Everyone’s Health – Street Sweeping Citations to Resume

The cleanliness, health, and safety of our Town streets is vital during our efforts to fight COVID-19

Recognizing this difficult time for our residents, the Town of Cicero had suspended ticketing of vehicles parked during Street Sweeping hours for 2 months.

But it has become a challenge to keep our streets free of litter and debris, including used masks and gloves.

The Town of Cicero and the Cicero Police Department has received, daily, numerous complaints from residents voicing concerns about the condition of our streets, the accumulation of litter and debris, and are requesting that we resume parking enforcement for Street Sweeping.

Also, many of the vehicles that are not being moved do not have a current Town of Cicero Vehicle Sticker affixed to their windshield. Many of these vehicles are being “stored” here on our streets and should not be parked on our streets overnight. Only residents with a current Cicero Vehicle Sticker are permitted to park on our streets overnight.

As a result, cars that are not moved on street sweeping days will be ticketed beginning this evening at midnight on, Sunday, May 10.

If you see a vehicle parked in front of your home that does not have a current Cicero Vehicle Sticker, we urge you to contact the Cicero Police non-emergency number at 708-652-2130 and report that vehicle. They will be ticketed.

Once the street sweeper has passed, you can re-park your car.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

The cleanliness of the Town is important to the health of the Town for all of its residents.

We urge you to help keep Cicero clean, healthy, and safe for everyone.