Cicero’s Season of Events Kicks Off With Energetic Cinco de Mayo Festival

The end of winter typically brings families out to Cicero’s parks in May, but this year’s Cinco de Mayo festival brought out massive crowds from the town and beyond. Hosted by Town President Larry Dominick and Cicero’s parks and recreations department, the annual celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French brought out a sense of Mexican and community pride for the tens of thousands of people who passed through the festival’s gates.

Mexican Consul General Carlos Jiménez Macías joined Dominick on stage to help close out the three-day festival on Sunday, May 8 after folks enjoyed the many carnival rides, games, food and live musical entertainment. They were also joined by the two teams who played in this year’s annual Larry Dominick Cup soccer championship game on Sunday.

“Cicero has become the place to come to celebrate Cinco de Mayo,” Dominick said. “We have taken pride to ensure this celebration of Mexican-American heritage stretched beyond those who’s families call or once called Mexico home but the many other residents who recognize the great contributions they have made in our town. Because of this, I honestly believe we have become the largest celebration of Cinco de Mayo in the entire Chicagoland Area.”

Dominick thanked members of the committee who helped make the festival successful, including Patty Dominick, Cynthia Salvino and Jeff Pesek, all from the town, as well as Maru Ayala.

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