Cicero Volunteers Work To Keep Cicero CLEAN

Cicero residents may have noticed a familiar face, or several, on the streets, but they weren’t out there hanging out. Instead, they were just a few of the hundreds of volunteers who canvased the town on May 14 picking up trash and sweeping sidewalks as part of the annual Cicero Clean-Up Day event.

Held every May to coincide with the warmer weather, the annual clean-up day brings organiations from all stripes together to help partake in the Keep Cicero CLEAN initiative. Volunteers from area churches, local schools and private organiations helped pick up trash, clean sidwalks and clear out sewer grates throughout the Saturday morning before gathering at Cicero Community Park for a lunch.

“This is one of the most important events we have in town,” said Town Assessor Emilio “Emo” Cundari. “We do our part to clean up and the residents do their part in keeping their yards clean. The more we work to maintain a beautiful community, the more Cicero’s residents take pride in keeping it safe and welcoming.”

Cicero Clean-Up day runs in conjunction with the Department of Public Work’s Spring pickup to keep the large items from littering the alleyways and creating safety hazards. It is also a part of Keep Cicero Clean; an acronym that represents the five facets of a community program to improve the quality of life in Cicero: Community leadership; Law Enforcement; (resident) Assistance; and (protecting) Neighborhoods.

Organized by Cundari, Cicero’s spring cleaning week saw a large transformation of the town’s streets and parks, just in time for the warmer weather.

“I am so grateful for the many organizations who take pride in their town to help come out and pick up the trash left over from winter,” Town President Larry Dominick said. “That is the sign of a community that cares about where they live.”

Cicero Clean-Up Day included groups from District 99, Morton High School District 201, Morton College, the Town of Cicero, Vida Abundante Church, New Vision Community Church, New Harvest Christian Fellowship, Inner City Impact, Good Shepard Church, Chicago International Christian Church, The Beloved Church, New Life, and Primera Iglesia Bautista.

Cundari also expressed gratitude from a number of other organizations for their help and donations of equipment, food, and volunteers to make the event a success. They include: Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski, AA Foods (Wayne and Rich Sova), A. Barr Sales, Alpha Baking Co., Ante Deb’s, B&B Wholesale Distributers, La Carreta, Chiko Club Liquors, the Cicero Fired Department (Fire Marshal Dominick Buscemi), the Cicero Police Department (Superintendent Jerry Chlada, Jr.), Cicero Police Department Exploers (Dept. Superintendent Barrett Marlar), Clyde Park District, Copycare, Crabby’s Pub, Dunkin’ Donuts, El Povenir, Esperanza Bakery, Food 4 Less, Freddy’s Pizza, Fuller’s Car Wash in Cicero, Henry’s Hot Dogs, Hody’s Grill, La Princesa Liquors, McDonald’s Restaurant, Paisans Pizza in Cicero, Robinson’s No. 1 Ribs, Rosita’s Grocery, Sam’s Club, Scatchell’s Beef & Pizza, Schultz Supply, Steak ‘N Egger (26th St, Ogden Ave and Roosevelt Rd locations), Supermercado Rossy’s, and United Grill.

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