Cicero Travels with Joseph and Mary at La Posada

While there was no room for Joseph and Mary during their visit to Bethlehem more than 2,000 years ago, there was plenty of room during the Christmas Posada at Cicero Stadium on December 13.

The yearly event harkens to the Latin American tradition of Las Posadas, or lodgings, that dates back hundreds of years. In many communities, this starts the Novenario, or nine days, which marks each of the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy. Residents will reenact the story of Mary and Joseph found in the Book of Matthew by having a couple go from home to home seeking lodging, and being denied entry. They eventually reach the gathering space, where the “innkeepers” will welcome the couple in and the celebration will start.

Cicero’s Christmas Posada follows a similar tradition, with Mary and Joseph arriving to the stadium while families enjoyed treats, Burger King-sponsored goodie bags, sung Christmas songs, and marveled at the piƱatas decorated by various District 99 elementary school classes. Every child received a free toy before leaving the event.

“This is a marvelous event where our kids can continue to celebrate their families’ cultures here in Cicero, honoring where their families come from and the faith they’ve held onto for generations,” said District 99 Superintendent Rudy Hernandez.

The Christmas Posada is hosted by Town President Larry Dominick, the Town Board of Trustees, and the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee. Sponsors include the Cicero Chamber of Commerce, Burger King, the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade, El Campeon, Morton College, Sinfonia del Mar, Allstate Insurance, Evans Food Group, Chairez Income Tax Services, and Tortilleria El Rey.