Cicero Residents, Groups Help Keep Cicero Clean

Cicero clean up
cicero clean up

Keeping with the tradition of community pride, residents and organizations gathered together on May 12 for the annual Cicero Clean-Up Day.

As weather warms up throughout Chicago, Cicero civic organizations, Districts 99 and 201 student groups, and a host of residents gather to clean up the town’s streets, lawns and sidewalks, removing debris left over from winter and picking up trash left by passersby.

“Keeping our town clean is a way to maintain pride in a community,” said Emilio “Emo” Cundari, the organizer of the event. “We have so many students and residents who love this town come out and help every year that I cannot help but be thankful to live in Cicero.”

Cicero Clean-Up Day is part of the Keep Cicero CLEAN initiative. CLEAN stands for Community leadership, Law Enforcement, resident Assistance, and protecting Neighborhoods, a multi-point focus implemented by Town President Larry Dominick several years ago to create the New Cicero. The day ends the week-long Public Works effort to pick up large items from homes and alleys to eliminate potential safety hazards.

“I cannot thank Emo enough for the great work he has done to keep our town clean and safe through Clean-Up Day,” said Town President Larry Dominick. “I am also grateful for the many organizations and student groups that have come out to help clean our streets and yards. I beam with pride any time I see residents working with kids to keep our town clear of trash and debris.”

Cicero Clean-Up Day included groups from District 99, Morton High School District 201, Morton College Public Safety, Cicero Police Department, Cicero Fire Department, Primera Iglesia Bautista Fundamental, Corazon Community Services, Inner City Impact, New Harvest Church, Fifty Eighth Avenue Baptist, Good Shepherd Church, Salvation Army, El Shaddai, Vida Abudante, Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal, Parent Patrol, Safety Patrol, JIP, Community Service and Outreach Staff, Cicero Bible Church, Ark Ministries, and the Cicero Boys Club.