Cicero Remembers 9/11 Attacks 15 Years Later

It was a day that changed America. Fifteen years later, Cicero and the rest of the nation still remember the impact the attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania had with a quiet memorial at the Community Center.

The commemoration, held on Sept. 8, recalled Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that killed thousands of people when terrorists slammed planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and when Flight 93 crashed in a Pennsylvania field after passengers overtook the hijacked plane.

Cicero’s fire and police officials spoke at the event, talking about that fateful day. Their remarks were punctuated by American flags designed with the names of the victims as well as an emotional video documenting the day. Students from Morton 201 were present for the event, most of whom were not yet born.

“The further away from that day we go, the more and more people will forget the impact the attacks had on all Americans,” said Town President Larry Dominick. “We must continue to educate our children, and remind ourselves, about what happened and how we can work together to keep history from repeating itself. We should always remain grateful for the sacrificial work our police and firefighters do every day to help keep us safe.”

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