Cicero Goes All Out For Mexican Independence Day

Warm weather and clear skies welcomed thousands of Cicero residents and visitors as they celebrated Mexican Independence Day. Heading out to Cicero’s fairgrounds from Sept. 15-18, people of all ages celebrated the important holiday for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans with live music, carnival rides, food and many other offerings, courtesy of the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee and the Town’s Department of Special Events.

As Sunday arrived, folks lined up along Cermak Road to watch the annual Mexican Independence Day Parade as Town President Larry Dominick led floats from many of the town’s civic, educational and government organizations through the city and back to the fairgrounds for the final day of the celebration.

“Cicero is proud to celebrate the many diverse cultures that make up this town, with Mexican Independence Day among the biggest and best,” Dominick said. “I couldn’t image what we would miss out on if we did not celebrate where our families and ancestors came from before settling in this great town.”

As the sun set on the last day, Dominick was joined by Mexican Consul General Carlos Jiménez Macías along with Town Officials to ring in Mexico’s freedom with El Grito, the traditional call for independence._a0a1586 _a0a1590 _a0a1596 _a0a1618 _a0a1621 _a0a1625 _a0a1641 _a0a1660 _a0a1680 _a0a1686 _a0a1717 _a0a1727 _a0a1743 _a0a1749 _a0a1768 _a0a1773 _a0a1797 _a0a1799 _a0a1826 _a0a1832 _a0a1835 _a0a1840 _a0a1870 _a0a1880 _a0a1882 _a0a1885 _a0a1888 _a0a1891 _a0a1892 _a0a1894 _a0a1895 _a0a1920 _a0a1928 _a0a1930 _a0a1936 _a0a1948 _a0a1952 _a0a1957 _a0a1970 _a0a1976 _a0a1987 _a0a2000 _a0a2006 _a0a2018 _a0a2024 _a0a2029 _a0a2035 _a0a2039 _a0a2042 _a0a2062 _a0a2065 _a0a2072 _a0a2079 _a0a2088 _a0a2090 _a0a2099 _a0a2108 _a0a2122 _a0a2125 _a0a2134 _a0a2143 _a0a2144 _a0a2170 _a0a2176 _a0a2201 _a0a2205 _a0a2212 _a0a2228 _a0a2233

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