Cicero Fire and Police Commission: Cicero Police Conditional Eligibility Test Announcement (due to COVID crisis)

Cicero Fire and Police CommissionCicero Police Conditional Eligibility Test Announcement (due to COVID crisis)

We hope to soon be announcing the testing process for the police eligibility list.  Due to the COVID 19 Stay at Home order we are unable to schedule or provide the dates for the testing process.  We will begin the testing process as soon as possible.  Please monitor the Town of Cicero web site at for information.

An announcement of the Cicero Police Department eligibility testing process will later be posted locally, on Facebook and on the Cicero Town web site as soon as a calendar can be created.

The Town of Cicero through the Fire and Police Commission creates an eligibility list for the purpose of hiring applicants for the Cicero Police Department.  Applicants participate in a stringent series of tests in order to be placed on a list ranked by a compilation of their scores on the tests. This process consists of a written test requiring a passing score of at least 70%, possession of a current POWER test card, and an oral interview that is scored from 0-100%.

The testing process is time consuming and all dates and times are strictly enforced.   Applicants who miss or are late for any event will be disqualified from the testing process.

-21 to 35 years of age at time of application
-US Citizen, able to speak, read and write English
-No criminal background
-60 college credit hours
-valid drivers license (if you have a current license from another state you must be able to obtain an Illinois license)
-A current POWER (Police Officer Wellness Evaluation Report) Test Card is required

These are the steps in the process;
-Application pick up.  One specific date, time and place, by applicant only with ID.  A limited number of applications are distributed on a first come first served basis.
-Application return.  Those persons who picked up an application may return the completed application on one of the three designated days within specified times.  All documents requested in the announcement are due at this time.
-Orientation.  All applicants who have returned an acceptable application are required to attend the Orientation.  One day with specific date and time.
-Written test.  Score of 70% is required to qualify to continue.  Specific date and time.
-Physical ability testing.  The Cicero Fire and Police Commission now requires that all applicants possess a current POWER Test card.  (The Cicero Fire and Police Commission will no longer be conducting the physical ability test as part of the testing process.).
-Oral interview.  Those who have passed the Physical ability test will be invited to attend an oral interview process conducted by a panel of four interviewers.  Date and time by appointment of Commission.

All events must be attended by the applicant personally.  ID will be checked at entry to each event.
The Fire and Police Commission reserves the right to refuse any incomplete application or disqualify any application containing false information.

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