Cicero Engages in Spring Sprucing During Annual Clean-Up Day

Cicero residents, civic groups and other organizations canvassed town streets on May 13 to help in the annual Cicero Clean-Up Day event.

Every May, as the weather warms up, Cicero volunteers gather together to help with the Keep Cicero CLEAN initiative. Volunteers from area churches, local schools and private organizations also participated in trash pickup, sidewalk cleaning, and sewer clearing before gathering at Cicero Community Park for lunch.

“Our Clean-Up Day is not the most glamorous day, but it definitely is the most important,” said Town Assessor Emilio “Emo” Cundari. “By coming out to clear out the debris left over from winter and maintain this beautiful town, we are taking pride in where we live and ensuring we are doing our part to keep our home safe and welcoming to visitors.

Cicero Clean-Up day culminates a week where Department of Public Work engages in a spring pickup program to keep large items from creating safety hazards. The two events are part of the larger Keep Cicero CLEAN initiative. CLEAN stands for Community leadership, Law Enforcement, (resident) Assistance, and (protecting) Neighborhoods. These five parts make up the plan created by Dominick to improve the quality of life in Cicero.

Cundari has been the longtime organizer for Clean Up Day, coordinating the many organizations to come out in the early morning and ensure every portion of the town is covered.

“Emo has done a terrific job to keep our community safe and clean through this Clean-Up Day,” said Town President Larry Dominick. “I am also very thankful for the many organizations that take pride in Cicero and come out and help clean up our streets. This is the sign of a community of people who care about where they live.”

Cicero Clean-Up Day included groups from District 99, Morton High School District 201, Morton College Public Safety, Cicero Police Department, Cicero Fire Department, Primera Iglesia Bautista Fundamental, Corazon Community Services, Inner City Impact, New Harvest Church, Fifty Eighth Avenue Baptist, Good Shepherd Church, Slavation Army, El Shaddai, Vida Abudante, Iglesia De Dios Pentacostal, Parent Patrol, Safety Patrol, JIP, Community Service and Outreach Staff, Cicero Bible Church, Ark Ministries, and the Cicero Boys Club.

Cundari also expressed gratitude for a number of other organizations for their help and donations of equipment, food, and volunteers to make the event a success.