Cicero Closes March With Annual Easter In The Park

Hundreds of Cicero families and children packed Community Park on March 26 for the annual Easter in the Park celebration.

Children lined around the fields at 34th & Laramie, eyeing the treasure-filled eggs before them, as they awaited the opportunity to dash for plastic packages containing candy, chocolate, toys and more. The hunt, a centerpiece of the festival, started off the afternoon of springtime celebrations that included train rides, face painting and a chance to meet the Easter Bunny.

Town President Larry Dominick praised the Department of Special Events for bringing together the town’s residents for such a grand celebration.

“I am grateful to the department for being able to get so many families to gather and celebrate such an important holiday,” Dominick said. “And I really enjoy hearing about the many children who delight in meeting the Easter Bunny and getting to hunt for eggs during this time of year.”

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