Annual Father/Daughter Dance Swells to Largest Crowd Ever

A national —and annual— tradition has definitely taken hold in Cicero as the town’s 9th Annual Father-Daughter Dance reached capacity crowds for another year. The Cicero Youth Commission program, hosted by Town Larry Dominick, has been a successful venture for many years. Each year grows larger than the year before. CYC Director Wayne Perod said it is not only an important part of the Valentine’s Day events in Cicero but a great way to promote the importance of a father’s role in a child’s life.

“Seeing these young girls beam with their dads, stepdads and other father figures just reinforces the great work we can do,” Porod said. “It really is a testament to President Dominick’s focus on ensuring the town builds a strong foundation for our children’s future.”

Each girl receives the full princess treatment: a corsage, a special photo with their fathers, slow and fast music for dancing, dinner and other entertainment to make the night a memorable one. Dominick wants to thank Wayne and Rose Porod, along with the cooperation of their organizations — CYC and the Cicero Community Center that hosts the dance — for their hard work in building such an important tradition in the town.

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