Jerry Chlada Jr. – Police Superintendent


Jerry Chlada Jr. was born and raised in the Boulevard Manor area of Cicero, IL. Jerry attended Our Lady of Charity elementary school and then St. Joseph High School. After High School, Jerry studied Law Enforcement at Morton Junior College. Jerry received his Bachelor’s Degree in management graduating Cum Laude from Benedictine University in 2011.

Jerry Chlada Jr. is a 20-year veteran of the Cicero Police Department. During his career he has served in many capacities while attaining the Ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Commander, Deputy Superintendent and First Deputy Superintendent of Police.

On November 1, 2014, Jerry Chlada Jr. was selected to be the Superintendent of Police by the Cicero Town President Larry Dominick with his selection being approved by the Cicero Town Board.

Having served as the Director of the Cicero Gang Crimes/Narcotic Tactical Unit for 10 years, Superintendent Chlada supervised and coordinated Tactical Operations resulting in significant reductions in gang & drug activity within the Town of Cicero. During the eight (8) year period of 2005 to 2012, the Gang Crimes/Narcotics Tactical Unit filed approximately 26,000 gang related criminal charges in the Cook County Court system and recovered nearly 1,100 firearms off the streets of Cicero. Under Superintendent’s supervision, the Unit coordinated the seizure of approximately $200,000.00 in US Currency drug profit seizures and recovered approximately “five million dollars” in street value narcotics. During the years 2005 to 2012, the Unit’s enforcement tactics reduced the previous administration’s double digit gang-related shootings by 62% and gang-related homicides by 67% under the direction of Director Chlada.

Superintendent Chlada has received extensive training and certifications in Gang Suppression and Narcotics Enforcement, Police Administration, Weapons Training and Tactical Operations, some include: Specialized Techniques for Gang and Drug Investigations, 1998, 40 hr Gang Enforcement Skills, 1998, 40 hr Counterdrug Investigations Course, 1999, 16 hr Gang Conference, 1999, 400 hr Police Staff and Command (Northwestern University (SPSC 181) 2003, 24 hr Master Narc Course 2006, 40 hr Basic Narcotics Investigator 2006, 24 hr Gang Specialist Certification 2006, 80 hr Basic Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Course 2008, (United States Department of Justice), 40 hr Supervising Drug Unit Operations 2008, 40-hour Firearms Instructor 2009, 24 hr Managing an Investigative Unit 2012.

Superintendent Chlada has received numerous awards for his dedication to the community, some include: Patrolman of the year (Cicero Police Department, 1999), Invaluable Services towards Gang Enforcement (Cicero Lions Club, 1999), Exceptional Contributions in Support of Cease Fire and violence reduction within the Town of Cicero (Cease Fire Chicago, 2008), Protector of Youth Award (Youth Crossroads, 2008), Effective Police Relations Award (Cease Fire Chicago, 2011). He has also received numerous Accommodations, Citations, Merit Awards and Honorable Mentions.

Throughout his career, Superintendent Chlada has served the Town of Cicero and his profession with distinction and honor. He is effectively working to build an integral relationship between the community and patrol officers to work together, establish effective communications, identifying community concerns, solving and developing crime prevention strategies. Superintendent Chlada is dedicated to fulfilling the police mission to enhance the quality of life in Cicero for the citizens, business owners, teachers, and families.