Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Cicero Residents,

The holiday season has arrived!

October continued our busy stretch of celebrations and festivals, with Houby Day starting the month and seniors celebrating Octoberfest in the middle. We finished with the CYC Halloween festival and trick-or-treating just in time for the weather to get cooler and fall to enter its final weeks.

I know it is strange to think of the holidays, but, before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and many of us will be gathered at a table with family and friends, counting our blessings for everything we’ve enjoyed in the past year.

For many, though, it is a hard time of year, a reminder of what we have lost – or never had – which can be quite lonely. Please, take a moment to reach out to those neighbors who may need a special gesture of thanks this season.

It isn’t long after Thanksgiving that our Christmas events kick off. We start off with Christmas in the Park on Nov. 26. This is one of the best ways to start the season with family and friends every year. I especially enjoy getting my photo taken with Santa, seeing the kids pet his reindeer, and the many residents who are gathering together to celebrate a wonderful time of year.

I hope you can make it to Cicero Park on Nov. 26 starting at 4:30 pm. It is sure to be a lot of fun!


The start of the Christmas season also means the start of the ice skating season. Check out the Bobby Hull Community Ice Rink at Community Park throughout the winter, especially during Christmas in the Park as there will be special performances by the Chicago Radiance Synchronized Skating Club and the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girls.

As winter marches on, come out to the rink and enjoy this wonderful outdoor venue. So many residents love the opportunity to come out on the ice, learn to skate, or just have a fun day with the family.

More information about rates and hours will be posted at Facebook.com/BobbyHullCommunityIceRink.

There are many other reasons to look forward to December, but I want to return to Thanksgiving.

We have seen a lot of division, anger, and tragedy in this nation and the world throughout the past year. It has been unfortunate to see families divided by a number of reasons.

I am proud this town continues to work together, helping our families, friends and neighbors when tragedy hits, whether a personal loss or a monumental disaster.

We have seen residents donate items without question after Hurricane Maria, and folks help out a family whose van was stolen – a van desperately needed to help transport their 9-year-old with cerebal palsy.

These are the actions that make our community great. This is what I am thankful for, no matter if it is Thanksgiving or any other day of the year. I hope you can take the time this holiday and reflect on what you have to be thankful for from this past year.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


Larry Dominick
Cicero Town President