Town Wide Fundraiser: United for the Victims of the Recent Disasters

Natural disasters have plagued North America over the past couple of months and many of you are wondering what can be done from Cicero. Town President Larry Dominick and the Board of Trustees will host a town-wide fundraiser from November 17-18 to help provide relief to victims of Hurricane Maria and the devastating earthquakes in Mexico City. The event will start at 10am on Friday, November 17 at the Cicero Community Center (2250 S. 49th Avenue) and continue at 9am on Saturday, November 18.

We ask only for monetary donations; no food or clothing is needed at this time, but resources to help rebuild communities is vital. For more information, contact 708-878-2253 or 708-878-0150.

Paypal and Checks will be accepted. Checks can be made out to The Town of Cicero/Disaster Relief Fund