Day of Infamy Remembered

Fewer Americans are around to remember where they were when Japanese forces bombed Pearl Harbor, resulting in the United State’s entry into World War II. But that has not stopped Cicero residents and officials from remembering that “day of infamy” on Dec. 7.

“The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the world for millions of Americans in 1941,” said Town President Larry Dominick. “Just like Sept. 11, 2001 did with us, Dec. 7 created a new normal and must be remembered. Too many Americans died that day to be forgotten.”

The impact of World War II was felt for decades, with soldiers and sailors returning home after experiencing the ravages of war. Today’s veterans, Dominick said, need to have the proper care and support when returning home.

For those who are serving, have served, or are family members of our servicemen and women, the Military Families of Cicero United has a program dedicated to help. There are support groups focused on helping these important community members cope with the unique struggles to a life in uniform. For more information on Military Families of Cicero United, please contact Maureen Carroll at 708-656-3600.