Cicero’s November ‘Super Seniors’ Recognized

Each month during a meeting of the Cicero Town Board, officials recognize the achievements of citizens who have reached the age of 90 or above through the “Super Seniors” program organized by Town Collector Fran Reitz.

During the Nov. 28 board meeting, the town recognized four seniors: Mary DeCarolis, 93; Antonia Guerrero, 90; Evelyn Mayer, 91; and Geraldine Mesek, 95.

Reitz introduced each of the honorees, who thanked Town President Larry Dominick and the board for the many senior programs and services they receive.

“My life centers around all of the senior programs that the Town of Cicero offers to its senior citizens. I am very grateful to all that you, President Dominick, and the Town Board, have done for all of us,” DeCarolis said after receiving a certificate of honor and a bouquet of flowers, something each Super Senior received.

If you or someone you know is 90 years of age or older, please contact Town Collector Fran Reitz at (708) 656-3600, extension 274, or Marie Pikul at (708) 656-3600, extension 249, between 8am and 8pm, Monday through Thursday.