Cicero Takes Action to Help Puerto Rico

Moments after word arrived of the devastation Hurricane Maria left on Puerto Rico, town officials began preparing to help. As a result of the action, Cicero residents have had a number of opportunities to help. The first came on Oct. 6 through a supply drive as water, dry goods and other provisions were collected and shipped to Puerto Rico.

“We couldn’t just watch and do nothing, especially with so many Cicero residents having Puerto Rican connections,” said Ishmael Vargas, Cicero’s chaplain. “Town President Larry Dominick recognized we needed to take action, and I’m thankful for that and everything he has done while our community worries about our families back home.”

In addition to the donated items, the town will host a community-wide fundraiser on Nov. 17 and 18 to raise money to assist victims of Maria and the devastating earthquakes in Mexico City. The newly-created Disaster Relief Fund will provide aid to organizations on the ground in both locations to help provide necessary aid and start the rebuilding process.