Cicero Fire Department Receives Excellent ISO Rating

The Cicero Fire Department received one of the nation’s top performance ratings. In a recent report, the Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification gave the department a 2 rating, recognized as excellent.

Fire Chief Dominick Buscemi said the classification is a result of the department’s continued effort to provide the highest possible service to its residents. He added the rating helps keep insurance costs lower for homeowners and businesses, which plays a role in attracting new businesses.

“We have been working hard to improve the ISO Classification rating and I am proud that we have achieved it. We will continue to strive for a Class 1 Public Protection Classification rating,” Buscemi said.

“I wanted to thank Town President Larry Dominick and the Cicero board for giving me the resources we need to get this done. We were able to bring in experienced talent to help bring this together. We were able to recruit a former assistant Fire Chief, Mike Pikarski, to help us build the department to achieve this rating.”

ISO ratings are issued between 1, the best, and 10, the worst. These official ratings are used by insurance companies in determining the costs for insurance premiums. Fire departments with 1 or 2 are considered the best, not only in terms of insurance costs but also in their ability to respond to fires and other emergencies.