Cicero Assessor Host Tax Appeals Seminar

Town Assessor Emilio “Emo” Cundari has one major goal almost every August: to make sure every resident takes advantage of every property tax reduction available for them. To help make that happen, he teamed up with Cook County Commissioner Dan Patlak to host a tax appeals seminar at the beginning of August.

“Every year Cook County gives us a month-long window when residents can appeal their property tax rates and reduce their obligations,” Cundari said. “As we do not assess residential properties, the assessor’s office in CIcero instead aids in the appeals processes. Everyone in the office wants to make sure residents are not paying more than they should in property taxes.”

The focus of the seminar is to help walk residents through the procces, learn about what exemptions they may qualify for, and help with any paperwork the office can assist in. The deadline for appeals this year was Aug. 31.

Cundari said that his office has several free ways to help residents, including the seminar with Patlak.

“If you think you are paying a higher tax rate than your neighbor, we will help find that out and what you can do to lower the bill,” Cundari said.