From the President’s Desk: September

Dear Cicero residents, August doesn’t have any major holidays but we sure stayed busy! Our National Night Out event was a great success as it allowed residents to gather with our police officers and firefighters and continue to work together in keeping Cicero safe and free from gangbangers. The event also kicked off the last month of Summer in the Park, where so many kids and families celebrated the last days before returning to school. [Learn More]

End of Summer: Fall Events

Dear Cicero residents, Don’t look now but school is about to start. I know a lot of kids are likely unhappy for that bit of news, but we still have a month’s worth of fun in store for them before they hit the books. Every week this month includes a new theme for Summer in the Park, finishing with the End of Summer Celebration from Aug. 27-30. We’ll have an exciting fireworks show on Sunday, [Learn More]

American Fest, Summer in the Park, and More

Dear Cicero residents, What a wonderful May we’ve had! The last month of spring saw a fantastic festival, a new member joining the board, so many volunteers keeping our town clean, and the start of end-of-the-year festivities at our schools. It’s hard to keep track of everything, but I think it’s the start of a great season in Cicero! +++++ Cinco de Mayo continues to be a huge success here in town. Thousands of people [Learn More]

Larry’s Column: Cinco de Mayo, Cicero Clean-Up Day, Summer Nearly Here

Dear Cicero residents, How many of you are like me and ready to celebrate this warm weather? I am very happy the temperatures have risen so we can all celebrate one of the biggest festivals in Cicero: Cinco de Mayo! Not only is it one of the main festivals for our town, but Cicero’s Cinco de Mayo celebration is among the largest in all of Chicagoland. The live music, great food, and entertaining rides and [Learn More]

Spring Time Fun In Cicero

Dear Cicero residents, Spring time is in full swing and there are many reasons to head out and enjoy the wonderful weather we’ve been having! First up this month is the Easter Bunny Celebration. The Cicero Youth Commission has been hosting this event for quite some time and the long lines prove that it continues to be a success. Families wait patiently for the Easter Bunny and his wife to arrive at 11 a.m., this [Learn More]

Spring and School Success

Dear Cicero residents, Happy Spring! Okay, maybe it’s not yet spring, but the weather has been absolutely beautiful these past couple of weeks. I hope March will continue the warm weather. I normally tell you about warming centers as March can still bring about a winter storm. And if snow does hit this month, there are warming centers for residents to stay out of the cold. But instead I want to offer a word of [Learn More]

From Town President Larry Dominick

Dear Cicero residents, January has been a mixed bag of weather. One week it is single digits or worse. The next week we are outside in t-shirts and shorts. While I hope we continue to have beautiful weather, I do ask everyone to be prepared for the bitter cold that can hit in February and even March. When temperatures drop to the single digits, or when wind chills fall below zero, try to go outside [Learn More]

From Town President Larry Dominick

Dear Cicero residents, Happy 2017! Last month I reflected on the many wonderful activities that occurred in Cicero in 2016. This month, I’d like to think about the many events we’ll host in town in the new year. The first is the annual Three Wise Kings celebration. On Jan. 6, at Cicero Stadium, we commemorate the Magi’s visit to the Christ child. It’s a great way to end the Christmas season with dance performances, refreshments, [Learn More]

World Champion Chicago Cubs, Christmas, New Years

know this is the first time I’ve been able to write this and I am guessing there is no one alive who has read this before, but: The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions! It has been an exciting run for the Cubbies this year, one that I know will remain with me for the rest of my days. The sheer joy of so many residents in the days after the Cubs victory was a [Learn More]

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Dear Cicero residents, Summer flew by and now fall is almost over. It’s hard to believe that we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. But before we do that, I want to remind everyone to go vote on Nov. 8. Early voting has already started, and you can cast your ballot today at either the Cicero Community Center or the PSO Building. To find out when to vote, and how, please contact the [Learn More]

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