Cicero’s Religious Lead Day of Prayer for Town Officials.

In what has become a summer tradition, local church leaders and community members joined hands in prayer for the Day of Prayer in Cicero. Separate from the National Day of Prayer, which stems from federal law, this day is set by the religious community in coordination with the town. The community joins together to pray over Town President Larry Dominick, the Town Board of Trustees, police and firefighters, members of the town government, and other groups in Cicero.

“God has called us to be one, to become one. To come together and pray and make a difference in our community,” Cicero Chaplain Ismael Vargas said during the opening of the event. “It’s been truly a blessing because if you do a little bit of research, not every community has the opportunity to do this.”

The National Day of Prayer commissions citizens and residents of the United States to turn inward in prayer and meditation, an event the town participates in annually every first Thursday in May. The Day of Prayer in CIcero, though, is an opportunity to gather together to pray for the leadership, the continued success of the town, and the continued reduction in violence among the neighborhoods.

Over the years, violence has decreased throughout the community, and everyone who gathered prayed for the continued success that has been brought to this town, officials said.

President Dominick thanked Vargas and all the community leaders and attendees that gathered at the event.

“We will never separate church and state in this town as long as I’m here,” Dominick said.

Dominick and town officials expressed appreciation for all of the community members’ hard work and dedication to make Cicero a better place to live.