Christmas Season Closes With Three Kings Celebration

While most people were taking down the Christmas trees and turning off the outdoor lights, Cicero was adding one more festive celebration into the season with the annual Three Kings event. Held every Jan. 6 at Cicero Stadium, the town hosts residents for a night of fun music, free toys and the reenactment of the magi’s visit to the Christ Child.

“For many people, Christmas ends on Dec. 25, but for the Latin Community, our season continues through Three Kings Day,” said Town Trustee Victor Garcia. “Hosting the event here in Cicero helps us keep our traditions and invite everyone else to join us and have a great time.

This year’s festival focused on performances by a wide range of local talent, including bands and dance acts from Cicero children. At the end of the evening, children received a free gift, courtesy of Town President Larry Dominick.

“As part of our tradition here in town, we wanted to make sure every child is taken care of,” Garcia said. “It’s part of President Dominick’s efforts to make sure our kids continue to have hope throughout the year.”

Three Kings Day is held during the Christian holiday of Epiphany, which celebrates the realization that Jesus Christ was God in the form of a baby. The festival features the Rosca, a traditional bread served for Epiphany, with the lucky few finding a small doll of baby Jesus baked inside. Tradition states that whoever finds the doll will be the one to host the next party during Día de la Candelaria, also called Candlemas. That festival is Feb. 2 and marks the end of Christian holidays scheduled around the Christmas events. The other holidays are tied to Easter’s schedule.