Cicero Senior Center Celebrates Cubs World Series Victory

While millions of Chicago Cubs fans flooded Grant Park after the historic World Series Championship earlier in November, Cicero’s senior residents were busy holding their own victory celebration at the Senior Center.

Just a week after the Cubs won its first World Series since 1908, residents dined on punch, cupcakes and enjoyed a variety of games while donning new championship t-shirts, hats and other gear to mark the monumental occasion.

“It would have been impossible for most of our senior members to make the trek to downtown Chicago for the celebration so we thought it would be better to hold our own party for the Cubs,” said Susan Banks, director of Cicero’s Senior Services.

None of the seniors celebrating the win was around when the Cubs beat the Detroit Lions for the last World Series win, making this a unique occasion for everyone involved.

“The stories we have all shared of heartbreak can now be replaced with those of joy,” Banks said.

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