Puerto Ricans Celebrate Culture, Community at Annual Commemoration

Sandwiched between American Fest and American Independence Day was a day set aside for one of Chicago’s largest cultural populations with the Puerto Rican Day Celebration on June 21. Hosted by Cicero Chaplain Ismael Vargas, this annual event focused on the many contributions Puerto Ricans have made in Cicero and the Chicagoland Area.

“We are a very energetic community for Cicero and beyond,” Vargas said. “There is great pride for where we come from as well as doing good work where we are now. Cicero is our home and we could not be more thankful for (Town President) Larry Dominick’s efforts to ensure we continue to recognize our diverse community.”

The archipelago is technically an unincorporated territory of the United States, but the commonwealth maintains a unique standing worldwide as a distinct state with its own culture and idenity. More than eight decades have passed since Puerto Ricans started making strides in the Chicago community, contributing to the arts, literature, politics and government, and business.

“I am proud of the diversity that makes up Cicero,” Dominick said. “Every walk of life should feel welcomed and safe in our town, which is why we work hard to recognize as many of them as we can throughout the year. This is why I always enjoy celebrating our Puerto Rican community and how much of a role is has played in keeping Cicero safe and growing.”