Cicero Officials Call To Higher Power At Annual Prayer Day

Stepping into its own tradition of calling to a divine power, Cicero held its annual Day of Prayer on July 10. Moving indoors to the Cicero Community Center because of the weather did not stop members of the Cicero Clergy Committee and the Town of Cicero from gathering to seek guidance, wisdom and continued safety for the town and its leaders.

“We need to seek the guidance of God throughout the storm and during the warm, sunny days,” said Ismael Vargas, Cicero’s chaplain and coordinator of the Day of Prayer.

This is the sixth year for the annual event, held in the summer months to not detract from the National Day of Prayer held every May. This event brings together the many religious leaders throughout Cicero to pray for town officials and residents as one larger spiritual community.

“We are blessed,” Vargas said. “Blessed to have the leadership of (Town President) Larry Dominick. Blessed with a committee who works with each other and the town in a peaceful and constructive manner. Blessed to have a community actively engaging in peaceful solutions to our problems.

Dominick thanked Vargas and residents from all walks of faith, stating it is hard work to maintain a safe community and a growing economy. He said that, with prayer, meditation, and guidance, the right – though not always easiest – decisions can be made.