Four Super Seniors Recognized During April Board Meeting

Each month the Town of Cicero honors seniors who are aged 90 and above, celebrating their birthdays and their achievements. Celebrated at the board meeting April 25 are Richard Jackubczak, 92; Walter Krol, 96; Irene Reczek, 98; and Elsie Wojdula, 95.

Collector Fran Reitz, who supervises the new recognition program, said, “President Dominick and the board want to recognize the Super Seniors in the Town of Cicero who are 90 or beyond. And we’re going to acknowledge everyone of them to show our appreciation for everything they have done in their long lives to support this community.”

Senior Richard Jackubczak said, “I want to thank everyone. You can’t go wrong living in the Town of Cicero with all of the many services that are provided to senior citizens. The town takes care of its seniors and we appreciate it very much.”

If you or someone you know is turning 90 or older, please contact Town Collector Fran Reitz at (708) 656-3600, extension 274, or Marie Pikul at (708) 656-3600, extension 249, between 8am and 8pm, Monday through Thursday.