Cicero Annnounces Super Senior Recognition Program

Cicero Town President Larry Dominick and the Board of Trustees recognized seven women as “super seniors” during the March 28 board meeting. Each of the women are nonagenarians, having surpassed 90 years of age, and had birthdays during the month.

The recognition was part of a new program to recognize residents who are ages 90 and older.

“Our senior residents deserve our greatest respect and the town continues to find ways to ensure they know how important their presence in Cicero is to each and every one of us,” said Town President Larry Dominick. “This is just a small token of our gratitude and a chance to wish them special happy birthdays throughout the year.”

March’s “super seniors” include: Millie Chichowicz (91), Violette Jember (95), Rose Fico (92), Mary Anderson (94), Frances Zajac (91), Maria Nieves (91), and Mary Forsberg (94).

If you or someone you know is turning 90 or older, please contact Town Collector Fran Reitz at (708) 656-3600, extension 274, or Marie Pikul at (708) 656-3600, extension 249, between 8am and 8pm, Monday through Thursday.